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Stuart Poole-Robb

Stuart Poole-Robb was the Chief Executive and Founder of The Merchant International Group Ltd.

Now aged 67, he joined the Royal Air Force as a boy entrant.  During four years in the Royal Air Force, he served in Aden, Bahrain, Germany, Muscat and Sharjah.  Stuart was then transferred to the Royal Air Force Special Investigation Branch. A ‘fitness fanatic’, in 1964, he was selected for Special Training at Hereford, followed by Survival Training in Norway and Hot Weather Training in Borneo.

Whilst working with the Special Forces, he was trained in weapons, counter insurgency and counter terrorism and later served in Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Oman and the Yemen until 1972 – although his connections with HMG continued via the Operations Research Unit at Century House (SIS). He also saw service during the last years of the ‘cold war’ in Russia & in the GDR (Eastern Germany) through to May 1990.

As a civilian, he worked for the Coral Leisure Group plc where he was Group Special Projects Director reporting to the Main Board on Risk, Security & Intelligence matters, globally.

Today, Stuart Poole-Robb is the Chief Executive of the KCS Group Europe Ltd, where he advises governments and supports & assists multinationals on both sides of the Atlantic on the more complex, sensitive and problematic issues arising out of business operations and investments. Such assignments were performed in the Russian Federation, the Middle East and Africa and parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Stuart Poole-Robb has written a number of papers and books – not the least of which was ‘Risky Business’ which he co-authored with Alan Bailey, published in 2002 and reprinted again in 2004 and 2005.

He has also written a number of specialist papers such as the Intelligence Gap, based on the difference between perception and reality in terms of the multi-national corporate’s perspective of operating in overseas in non-domestic markets. In the early 90’s Stuart wrote a paper for HMG on UK Companies managing business within the Union Arab Maghreb.

Stuart maintains a high level of fitness skiing, target shooting, Iaido and self-defence. He no longer teaches Shotokan karate at Westminster School but still trains with his Sensei every week.


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